Malvina’s Stairway

44,000 kr Inkl. 5% i kunstavgift

Motivformat: 60 x 70 cm cm

Format: 71 x 81 cm cm

Teknikk: Olje på lerret

Årstall: 2024

Innrammet: Ja

Signert: Ja

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Alastair E. Blain, born in 1995, in Paisley, West of Scotland. Traveled to New Zealand in 2014, where on his own Heroes journey lived for three years and found himself learning various hand crafts, from bronze casting to ceramics and developing an interest in the sublime landscape experience. However the tradition of oil painting beckoned, and his journey took him to Vienna, where he was in contact with the Old Masters and studied their ways, under the mentorship of Oleg Korolev. In 2018, Alastair came back to his native hills and has since devoted himself to bringing out the Mythopoetic qualities embedded within the rough moors and glens. In 2022 he made the first journey to the Nerdrum studio and began his pupilage under Mr. Nerdrum, an ongoing connection that will unfold in time. Alastair continues to seek for the Timesless motif in the landscape, and develop a poetic narrative in keeping with the traditions of his native homelands.